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Free Graded Readers!

I am excited to announce that this week I am releasing the first of fifty free one-page graded reader passages. Many of you will know that I am passionate about extensive reading and the benefits that learners gain from reading graded readers for pleasure. After speaking with many teachers working in public schools about the lack of affordable, engaging reading material for English language learners, I felt compelled to do something. The resources that I have committed to producing over the next year will be designed primarily for schools to print and laminate, and then make available for students to read at their leisure. Each week I will produce and upload a new one-page passage for elementary (CEFR A2) to intermediate (CEFR B2) level learners. These will be a combination of fiction and non-fiction texts on topics that interest me, and will hopefully interest your learners! I will be keeping the passages to one page only so that they can be completed within a short reading session, and for ease of printing.

This week’s passage looks at a movement that is slowly gaining popularity here in New Zealand – consumption of insects and insect products. It is a B1/B2 level text, so it will be a bit too challenging for most elementary level learners. I will produce plenty of simpler texts throughout the year. Here is passage one:

Bugs for Breakfast

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